Martin Gilmore and Friends

by Martin Gilmore

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Each week (on Thursday) Martin Gilmore writes and posts a new original song in the album "Martin Gilmore and Friends". Sometimes they are collaborations with friends, sometimes they are recorded solo.

"The idea for the project occurred to me while I was working on a new solo record. Albums are a snapshot into a bands history. We hear them frozen in time at the moments when they were recording. This project is meant to be seen as an evolution. It's path is as unknown to me as it is to anyone else." Says Martin Gilmore. "I write songs because I have things I want to say. This project keeps me from holding on to those things until they are lost."

Check back every Thursday for new music.


released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Martin Gilmore Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Martin Gilmore - Keep A Light On For Me My Darling
Keep A Light On For Me My Darling

Footprints in the snow
Is all he left so long ago
Made up his mind to go
And help to win the war
But before he went away
At the dawning of the day
He held her close and had these words to say

Keep a light on for me my darling
To help to show me the way
Back to my home, back to your love
And with the grace of god above
I’ll return to you someday

Some years passed with no return
And to her sorrow she did learn
That he fell at Gettysburg
No more to speak a word
And for the rest of her life
When the stars were out at night
She’d say as she looked up to the sky
Track Name: The Marshall and Hubert Brown
The Marshall and Hubert Brown
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd music, ASCAP) - 2012

In a daze he looked up towards the sky
Found he was staring at a Schofield forty-five
“Marshall” Says the man with the gun
“I’m sorry to say your days on earth are done”

From Carson City back toward Cheyenne town
The Marshall had tracked a man named Hubert Brown
A Killer and a coward like the rest
The Marshall had vowed to bring him to his death
He said “I won’t be bringing no man back alive,
I’ll hold court out there on the trailside
And when I find him, guilty, he will be
I’ll leave him rotting in the sun hanging from a tree”

Back in Carson City Hubert Brown
Had never caused much trouble round the town
He was a big man, but folks thought he was kind
Seemed to have an eye for the Sheriffs wife
One night he knocked on her door
When the sheriff answered Brown threw him to the floor
And drew his Schofield forty-five
And one shot after another left no one in that house alive

In Rawlins the Marshall caught up with Brown
Put the word out all around the town
“Tell Hubert that the devil’s owed his due,
And I’ll collect before this night is through”
Then with a shotgun in a darkened alleyway
The Marshall, like a lion, he did wait
Said “There ain’t no need to look him in the eye
I have passed my judgment let the sentence fit the crime

Word came back to Hubert Brown
He heard the Marshall was in town
So around the back of the hotel he did hide
He saw the Marshall take his place outside
The Marshal hadn’t seen him in the night
Hubert lined him up in his sights
And with the shot the Marshall fell to the ground
And when he looked up the last thing he saw was the gun of Hubert Brown
Track Name: Martin Gilmore and Jovan Mays - Make a Home / Nana's Cages
Make a Home / Nana's Cages
by Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP, 2012) and Jovan Mays

Seven, that’s how old she was following a wagon through the sand
From Amarillo to New Mexico that’s the way they traveled back then
It was nineteen fifteen and her family was struggling headed west to chase the hope of a dream
To the land of enchantment hoping the best would happen along with their family
She told me when I was younger “Son the way that you make it through
Keep your nose pointed to the brightest horizon keep your feet falling and rising
Don’t worry about what you left back east you won’t get nowhere if you don’t move your feet
You know, that’s how you make it home.”

She wasn't the Bengay and Matlock type.

Nor was she an expert on house hold chore techniques or chocolate chip cookie recipes.

She doesn't have an OVERSIZED grumpy cat or an undersized chirpy dog.

But there were parakeets within her heart that kept her company when loneliness set in.

Her friends called her Mari-lee
But we called her Nana

She grew up in Pendergrast.
Somewhere in North Central Georgia,
So just DEEP enough in the South that one could actually see the surface.

As a child she would love to observe the flight patterns of turkey vultures.
She loved the way that their feathers frayed through the southern sky.
Because where she was from, they were the only things breaking the Color Line.

Experts say that these buzzards share the same soaring shadows as bald eagles.
So sitting there feeling like a carcass,
Simultaneously she found freedom.

So her mother put her and her sister on the 1st feather that they could up north.
Because they heard that up there Jim doesn't clip his Crow's wings.
So her mother became the first Nubian in Queens to own her own palace.
This was back when there was enough BIG APPLE to go around the table.

In 1995 on a family vacation I visited this house for the first time.
Upon anticipation of patio rocking chairs, bear claw bath tubs and cypress floors
I was greeted with a hoarder’s paradise.
Priceless papers were piled to the ceiling.
The only place to sit was on the back patio.

And there, surrounding all of us
Were stacks upon stacks of bird cages?
Hundreds of them, NO BIRDS.
Just wrought iron bridged by welding joints in Victorian fashion.
All these devices of entrapment constructed were in such beauty I didn’t know what to think.

Last week, I was in a thrift store and I came across a vintage bird cage.
I stood their staring and wondering why there was so much beauty here.

& that took me back to my Nana
and how she must of felt
losing her Son, Husband & The Civil Rights Movement at the same time.
& I began to think
What better way to defend someone’s freedom then to collect the things that bind us?
By leaving just one less cage in the world
& ensuring another scene of formless flight.

So I started to wonder,
How many people did this woman set free?

Was this why my father
With a 1 way gray hound ticket in hand
& sunglasses on the back his neck
preventing him from pausing in the past
could head to the Mile High so he didn't have to feel that low again

Was she the miracle that made my mother follow him to the mountains?
Did she lift my grand father out of cancers misery?
Does she hold the keys to my throat?
Did she stitch my cousins into the Blue Angel Air Force Falcons that they became?

Could you feel like you won the Civil Rights Movement in your own back yard?

When your time comes, how many people will you have selfless-lee unshackled.?
How many doors did you leave open?
How many bars did bend or file through?

Did you make sure that the perches around you went unoccupied?
Did you tend to their feathers?
Did you feed them enough wisdom before their take off?

When the caged bird sings
Did their hymns rattle the locks or did you just swallow their tunes?

When the doves cried
Did you give any weight to their tears?

& when the rooster crows
Did you empower it to fly?

When we sat around your coffin
I think we knew that your soul was soaring above us.
Your feathers, they must have been fraying the sky
Everyone in attendance was just a cage
That you collected.

She married young by the standards today raised twin girls in the hardest times
Her husband built roads and the Horsetooth dam and trapped coyotes to make a life
Twelve years her daughters were in school was never in the same one more than eight months
The lived in trailers and stone wall houses sometimes their floors were dust
She told me “Son don’t you ever regret, take any break you ever can get
Happiness isn’t dollars and cents, hard times came and hard times went
But you can’t build a life out of money and stone you build it from love
And that’s how you make a home”
Track Name: When You're Young
When You’re Young
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP, 2012)

Pep says to wimpy “Do you see that train
Do you wanna go ride the bum
There’s a boxcar open bout twelve cars back
And I’m tired of working this field in the sun
We will Tell my Uncle to take my car
My Mamma won’t miss me none
We’ll ride that train across the old Great Plains
Into the setting sun

Cause when you’re young you’re young
Time passes by
So when you can catch a train
You should hitch a ride
No Matter if it’s right or wrong
It’s a one way track
Cause when you’re old you’re old
With only looking back

Wimpy says to Pep “Hold on
This mountain’s a getting steep
I’ve never been so cold or felt so old
I’m hungry and I can’t get to sleep
I always thought I’d like to live a hobo’s life
and wander from town to town
But this clangin’ and a’ clinkin’
Has got me to thinkin’
I’m better off settling down

But when you’re young you’re young
Wishing you could be free
But this Hobo’s life,
Well it ain’t for me
And the farther you go
The longer the track
And if you’re gone too long
There’s no coming back

Well pep and wimpy met a rum dum bum
He said “there ain’t no beginning or end
A hobo don’t have no destination
It’s just the way that he chooses to live
So have you a cup of this mulligan son
And you better be on the fly.
That train’s a starting to rumble and this ol’ bum jungle
Ain’t no place to spend your life

When you’re young your young
And time passes by
Living as a hobo boys
Ain’t no kind of life
Wishing you could go back again
But it’s a one way track
When you’re old your old
And you can’t go back
Track Name: Just a Put On
Just a Put On
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd, ASCAP 2012)

Can’t you feel that ache for heaven’s sake
It’s been so long this just can’t go on
Night after night All through the day
To fight this fight to feel this way

But pain is just a put on
I’ll admit that it’s a good one
It comes and goes, it rolls and flows
It will bring you down
It will make you and break you
Inspire you or take you
And leave you lonely lying there on the ground

Things were better then Way back when
Those were better days but how things have change
We’re going to pay the cost, and we’ll all be lost
But we can all be saved if you listen to what I say

But fear is just a put on…

Have you heard that song how can that be wrong
With such a golden voice is there another choice
It’s shelter from the rain, release from the pain
All your trials passed, if you do as I ask

But that kind of love is just a put on…
Track Name: Christina
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2012

Christina, I recall that road
Apical sun, weaving through the cold
Winding away
Christina, I still feel that day
My heart, my bones, my back still aches
Like always

Christina all our time is spent
Long ago, who knows where it went
Still I can’t Keep bits from holding on
Christina you’re gone

Christina, I’ve blamed, but I’ve made terms
Like everyone I have lost and I have learned
And that was worth the time
Christina, you thought your dream was ideal
But I’m glad it didn’t turn out real
Maybe that’s just spite

Christina the things that I recall
Aren’t even memories at all
Just how I feel
Christina that’s what’s left of you
Idle chords softly ringing through
Droning still
Track Name: Braddock's Tomb
Braddock’s Tomb
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2012

Braddock’s in the wilderness
Out on the Duquesne road
Hunting French and Indians
In the valley of the Ohio

Braddock crossed the Shenandoah
The Monongahela too
And on the banks of the Alleghany
A fort came into view

Chorus 1
Oh, Braddock’s tomb
Sous la route au Fort Duquesne
Perdu dans les bruits de pas
Du regiment de Washington

Braddock was a general bold
He wore a coat of red
Regiments of royal’s arms
And militiamen he led

Braddock lost to Contrecoeur
On that fateful day
He caught a bullet in the chest
As he rode away

Chorus 1

Braddock’s men were beaten there
And marched a fast retreat
Braddock drew his final breath
Near Fort Necessity

Washington said to the men
Hide the Grave so it can’t be found
And held for ransom of defiled
Leave no cross or mound

Chorus 1
Washington laid him to rest
Beneath a Pennsylvania road
And marched the troops o’er the grave
So it’s site would not be known

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Oh Braddock’s Tomb
Beneath the road to Fort Duquesne
Lost beneath the footfalls
Of the regiment of Washinton
Track Name: I Haven't Got too Much to Show
I haven’t got too much to show
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd music, ASCAP) 2012

I’m no hero, and I’m no saint
Most folks don’t know my name
I live a simple life I’ve always been that way
Got a cabin on a hill
And a job at the lumber mill
That’s always been enough for me

I may die poor I may die young
From too many days out in the sun
I may die hauling this lumber load
But I’ll do the best I can
And die a happy man
Even though I haven’t got too much to show

I’m no liar and I’m no cheat
I’m not filled with deceit
I’m an honest man I’ve always been that way
I’ll help you if I can, If you need I’ll lend a hand
I just live the best I can from day to day
Track Name: Hallelujah, Hear the Angels Sing
Hallelujah hear the angels sing
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2008

A man and a woman walked into Bethlehem
After a long trip from Galilee
Tried to find a place to stay, but no one would take them in
Finally found a stable to sleep

A boy was born, king of all men
Shepherds and wise men came to see
All the creatures gathered around him
Hallelujah hear the angels sing

Christmas is a time for all the world to live as a family
A time for peace and joy and happiness
Hallelujah hear the angels sing

A mother and a father gaze at their newborn son
Sent from above to set men free
Shepherds and kings kneel beside a manger bed
To the boy from Galilee

So hear the angel choirs singing songs about
A mother lovingly holding her son
Songs of peace and joy and happiness
And love for everyone

Track Name: Christmas - Christmastime is Here
Christmas time is here
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2012

Oh yay, Christmas time is here,
It’s my favorite time of the year
Happiness and joy I find
Oh yay, it’s Christmas time

Brothers and sisters singing songs
Dancing and laughing all night
Mommy and Papa with their daughters and sons
Love and peace for everyone


Mommy says that Santa sails on a big white ship
All around the world giving everyone gifts
Christmas night he anchors in the bay
And when we all have presents he sails away

Track Name: Make it Back to Make it Up to You
Make it Back to Make it up to You
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2008

I’ve been lost and lone for most of my days
I’ve been wondering free in a blind dismal haze
I don’t know where you are but someday I’ll find a way
To make it back to make it up to you
To make it back to make it up to you

I’ve been lost so long and lonely that my heart feels pain
And if I do not find you I will go insane
I would walk through the snow the sleet the wind or the rain
To make it back to make it up to you
To make it back to make it up to you

Sing a song for tomorrow of yesterday
Of happier times before I went away
Of things I knew then that I shouldn’t say
But I said them anyway

It was night time in springtime
When I left you all alone and said you were not mine
I can still hear the sound of the door behind me
Saying you’ll make it back to make it up to her
You’ll make it back to make it up to her

It was a stupid fight on a moonlit night
I left you all alone out of a jealous spite
But the fog has cleared and I’ve regained my sight
To make it back to make it up to you
To make it back to make it up to you


Now I’m out here on the street in the pouring rain
Rehearsing and repeating what I’m gonna say
I hope that somehow I can find a way
To make it back to make it up to you
To make it back to make it up to you
Track Name: Martin Gilmore and Courtney Hartman - A Song So Sad
A Song so Sad
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2012

His father had given him his guitar
His mother had taught him how to sing
He would sit by the river as an old man
Singing of young love blooming in the spring
Singing of a girl that he once loved so dearly
To early she was taken away
And the song he sang was so sorrowful with pain
That even the hardest heart would break

And he watched that Ohio River roll
As he sat there on the shore
And sang a song so sad, for the love he’d had
That he longed to see once more

He sang a song about the dream of a journey
She had heard him singing in the night
Across a broad and flowing river
So he went to be by her side
He found her deep out in the forest
Told her to follow as he led on
And he walked to the clearing at the river side
And when he turned she was gone

You can sometimes hear him singing in the distance
When the leaves don’t rustle in the breeze
Sitting there at the wood-side
At the place he lost his love in the dream
Track Name: Lonesome Old Town
Lonesome Old Town
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtoddmusic, ASCAP) 2012

I was born in a lonesome old town
Way out west in the cracked and brown
Across the plains in the hills of sand
Resting in the middle of a weary land

Raised in the Dust clouds from a Chalmers machine
Churning the brown ground into green
Windblown, dusty and dry
In a distressed place in a fallow time

I’m lost and alone feeling out of place
This life, it never was the same
Living in a city with a lonesome old town
That won’t let me let it go it won’t let me live it down

I left home when I was eighteen
Running from fields of wheat and beans
Anxious and hoping to leave behind
Small town ways and small world minds

Traced my map to a city of lights
Struggled my struggle and suffered my plights
I thought I had found my road
But that old place just won’t let go

In that valley, long ago
Long before me on an unsure road
Souls of the brave, the lost and the young
Sought a better life towards the setting sun

My old home still stands in that field
The farmers still churn the dust into meals
Driving their tractors from the starting end
To the edge of their land and back again
Track Name: Pete's Machine
Pete’s Machine
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd music, ASCAP) 2013

Pete and Ezra went walking one day Brothers sent out to create
A new and great machine like none other that had ever been seen
Pete was a canny engineer, Ezra was a thoughtless volunteer
They were sure that they could design, the greatest invention of all time

So they set about their chore, but each idea they’d built before
Pete couldn’t find his muse, and Ezra played with the nails and the screws
So with no good inspired ideas Pete said toe Ezra hey how ‘bout this
We’ll head up to old man Jove’s farm and see what’s in his barn

Throwing bits of stone and clay I’ve heard men are made that way
Some think ahead, some not at all / some make the plans, some are made to haul
Someday shackles you might find, if thieving is on your mind
But some will throw their lives away, to give us all a brighter day

So Pete and Ezra headed up the street, to the old man’s place chasing a mystery
Pete says “I heard he keeps a light / that will make the day seem like night
If that’s true we could use its beam, to bring some magic to our old machines
Show the world what we can do, so they’ll all remember me and you

So Ezra, quiet as could be, snuck through the barn door followed by Pete
And when they both got inside, they could scarce believe their eyes
It was a whole barn full gadgets and tools, gizmos and thingies tables and stools
And there it was sitting on a shelf, the old man’s light there by itself


Pete he knew that they’d be caught, so he ran and grabbed what they sought
And Ezra followed close on his tail, they ran back home down the trail
Picked up their dull machine and installed the light and the thing it beamed
They’d never seen one run so smooth, and the marveled at all that it could do

Pete and Ezra were so proud, their cheers and laughter were so loud
That they woke the old man on his farm, he ran out to his barn
He saw his shelf was dark and cold, and he heard Pete and Ezra laughing loud and bold
And he knew just where his light had gone; he said “they’ll pay for what they’ve done.”


So the old man walked down the hill, he knew Ezra was too weak of will
Yes, Pete he was the mastermind, the old man snuck up from behind
He says “Boys that is some fine machine, but I believe that some of it belongs to me
Return to me the bits you stole and we’ll discuss what you owe

But Pete was keen and he turned it on, and in a flash the thing was gone
Bounding over the country side, you could see it for miles and miles
And the old man said” Let me tell you son, you work for m from this point on
And I’ll determine the work and way you’ll spend your time till your debts been paid


The town folks saw Pete’s machine, a finer thing they never had seen
But they saw it was such a simple thing, save for the light and its sun bright beams
If they could get a piece they could make it grow, and build machines out of clay and stone
And that’s just what they did you see, that’s the story of Pete’s Machine
Track Name: Annalise
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2013

Annalise, Annalise Why would you go and do that to me
Leaving me here all alone, broken hearted crying on my own
You left me sad, you left me blue, I’d never do a thing like that to you
You know I never ever did treat you bad, won’t you think of all the good times that we had

Annalise, Won’t you please, please come back home to me
I don’t know if I can bear the pain, I know that I will never love again
Sarah lee I miss you so, I can’t believe that you would ever go
I always meant to say that I love you, and I always thought you loved me too

Annalise come back again, It’ll be the same as it was back then
I’ll always love you just the same, I won’t doubt, and lord knows I won’t blame
Annalise, Annalise, Why would you go and do that to me
You know I never ever did treat you bad, won’t you think of all the good times that we had
And I don’t know if I can bear the pain, I know that I’ll never love again
Leaving me here all alone, broken hearted crying on my own
Oh Annalise
Track Name: Martin Gilmore and David Bailey - I Tried to Fly
I tried to fly
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2012

I have fallen, Drifted from my berth
Cast down fallen back to earth
Battered and broken, afire and smoking

Once I stood tall and strong
Rising high above the throng
I rode a great horse, I rode straight course

I tried to reach the highest ground
But the smallest things will bring you down
There aren’t any byways or easier highways
I’ve found

I was given a golden gift
To the heavens I did lift
Blessed by the makers, the givers the takers

Jealous men in tenser times
Took me in and told me lies
Hammered and warped me sought to distort me
And did


I was young then I must admit
Vain, keen and covetous
Women and wine, adventure and pride

Then in my living, my life I did face
And cast down from on high, I was put in my place

I have fallen, Drifted from my berth
Cast down fallen back to earth
Battered and broken, afire and smoking
And old
Track Name: We'll See About The Dawn
Uncle Bill and dad were unemployed
The market crash had brought ‘em down
No more frames to raise or bricks to lay
And they worried About the town
But a rich man from Bowling Green
Who owned a string of factories
Thought our town was right so he approved a site
Everyone worked for the company

Hallelujah everybody said
All our trials are past and gone
But the sun will rise in the morning skies
And we will see about the dawn

And for a few years there was a boom
Breathed life into our town
Money to be made, and people came
Moved in and settled down
But then one night in the fall
The plant exploded in a fireball
The fire swept the town and burned it down
Leaving black and smoking walls

Ruination everybody said
Everything is past and gone
But the sun will rise in the morning skies
And we’ll see about the dawn

And the rich man from Bowling Green
Stood out amongst the ash and dust
Said the plant was gone, and he was moving on
And the whole town went bust
And that left everybody poor
All those that chose to stay
With not a thing to do, we suffered through
Then came the TVA


And so it has always been
I’m sure it will always be
Come the bad and the best we have
We will always see

Whatever everybody says
Things will always move along
And the sun will rise in the morning skies
And we’ll see about the dawn
Track Name: Soon Things Have to Change
Soon Things Have To Change
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd music, ASCAP: 2012)

There’s no Money in that old jar we used it all to keep the farm
When the bank man came and told us what we owed
Hard times come and pass that way the nights are long so are the days
But soon things have to change

Work hard that’s all I do and pray somehow I’ll make it through
Soon things have to change

My brother left us last July a few months later mama died
We had half the help and the same bills to pay
Daddy said what will we do I said don’t worry we’ll make it through
But soon things have to change


I wasn’t raised to ask for help or feel so sorry for myself
I’ve always thought good things come to those who wait
But these hard times been around so long I know this can’t go on
Soon things have to change

Track Name: This Has To Be Goodbye
This Has To Be Goodbye
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2013

I stopped in Kansas City
On a highway westward bound
Waiting at the station
While the sun was going down
I thought that I should call you
So I picked up the phone
To tell you I’m not coming back
But I think you might have known

I don’t think it was a secret
I was over Louisville
It had been long enough
To feel the way I feel
And I asked you so many times
To try a new start
There’s too much behind me now
It’s best that we’re apart

Albuquerque’s calling now
We were both to blame
Trying, it was killing me
You had to feel the same
I have a long way to go
I don’t want to keep the line
Other people need to use the phone
This has to be goodbye
Track Name: Martin Gilmore and Darby Wilson - Joy Ride
Joy Ride
By: Martin Gilmore and Darby Wilson (Timtomtodd, ASCAP) 2013

It was a dream of a teen a wish to be seen
A joy ride
A half-baked plan to feel like a man
A joy ride
His Daddy wouldn’t suspect a thing
He knew where he had left the keys
Get out on the highway and drive
Like a ball of fire

It wasn’t very long before things went wrong
On his joy ride
On a hillside climb the car it died
On the joy ride
Drifted backwards out of control
Knocked over an electrical pole
Caused the whole thing to explode
In a ball of fire

It set the whole field ablaze
Scared the cattle put out to graze
Caused em all to stampede
Into the town and through the streets

Hoping no one would know he chose to go home
From his joy ride
Thought that he’d lie any fault he’d deny
From his joy ride
And as he turned down the road to his house
He was facing the stampeding cows
And they trampled over his car
Like a ball of fire
Track Name: It's Not Enough
It’s Not Enough
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2007

Listen to the Purr of this Monte Carlo
Saying hey man maybe tomorrow
Won’t be quite as long as today
I wish I didn’t have to say that I miss you
I wish that I was there to kiss you
Goodnight, but I’m not I’m miles away

I like to tell people that I’m not lonely
But that’s not true, baby you know me
I’m a liar and not a very good one at that
The truth is that this lonesome tune
I’m trying my best not to listen to
Rings all to true and it’s tearing me apart

It’s not enough to say I love you
It’s not enough to say I care
It’s hard enough getting nowhere
With you waiting there
There’s not enough change in my pocket
To make a call to you
But I miss you so, and I’m coming home
And I hope that you miss me too

It’s the hum and the buzz of the neon sign
Reminding me that I’m much to tired
To keep on coming home to you tonight
It’s the roar of the diesel trucks outside
Chanting hey hey mister do you need a ride
No that’s ok I’ll make it myself alright

Track Name: I Don't Miss You Like I Should
I Don’t Miss You Like I Should
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2013

I don’t miss you like I should
I thought that I would
Because I thought we really were in love
Sometimes I miss those summer nights
But I don’t miss the fights
I thought that I would
But I don’t miss you like I should

I don’t miss the space there was between us
the lying and the pain
I don’t miss the fights or all the nights
You left me crying in the rain
I don’t miss the cold reflection
I saw in your eyes
I thought that I would
But I don’t miss you like I should
Track Name: Nate the Success
Nate the Success
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2013

Nate was a braggart he said “everything I try
Like that king of old, it turns to gold and it never goes awry
Some say it’s luck but look at me how is it not deserved
Try as I may I’m just this way I guess I’m well preserved

He was a handsome man staring in the mirror
He’d hope and pray every day he’d never disappear
Pass the minutes pass the hours he’d stand there by the sink
To never to miss a single glimpse he’d scarcely ever blink

Nate he was successful he climbed the corporate rungs
He’d plot and scam, Plan and damn and he spoke in golden tongues
And he cared not for anyone who stood in his way
He was a ruthless and incessant man, and for that he was praised

Nate was never lonely, he was prosperous and suave
Surrounded by his yes men, who saw not a single flaw
In hopes to be remembered when Nate was dead and gone
In his will, so they’d pay the bill and wait for him to pass on

Nate he was a man as mortal as a mouse
And when he died, no one cried they just gathered in his house
To divide up his possessions, all his workers and his peers
They cleared the shelves for themselves and never cried a tear
Track Name: Paddle Wheel Roll On
Paddle Wheel Roll On

I’ve been down this old river so many times
Hear that lonesome whistle blow
I know every shallow, bar and route she goes
Hear that paddle wheel roll
Hear it push the Mississippi queen
A little bit farther down the line
A few more nights to New Orleans
Where I can bid my troubles goodbye

Paddle wheel (roll on) roll on
Paddle wheel roll on (push me home)
Paddle wheel (roll on) roll on
Paddle wheel roll on (push me home)
Paddle wheel (roll on) roll on
Paddle wheel roll on (push me home)
Paddle wheel (roll on) roll on
Paddle wheel roll on (push me home)

You won’t get rich drivin no riverboat
You’ll just get old and broken down
Watch that river wash your youth away
Look we’re coming to a town
Oh the Mississippi queen
I should leave you behind
A few more days to New Orleans
Look at those city lights shine
Track Name: Down the Hill on the Road Below
Down The Hill on The Road Below

By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2013

Down the hill on the road below
Lives an old man with a fiddle and bow
And he plays most every day
Cattle in the Cane and Liza Jane
Sitting in his old porch chair
There on the plank boards tapping heel
Mississippi Sawyer and St. Ann’s Reel
Fiddle strung wishing he was young
Doing the things he’d never done
Back in his younger years

In those days, in his prime
His family never had a dime
So he’d plow til the sun went down
Come the dawn he’d carry on
Humming the Morning Dew
And when he’d get a chance
He’d play his fiddle and the folks would dance
The fiddle would ring, and he would Dream
Of Bright stage lights on Saturday nights
Playing the sugar hill

But times moved on, they were always rough
No one ever had enough
And day by day he plowed away
Until he caught up with his age
And had to slow down
Now he’s an old man playing Jenny Lynn
For anyone who’ll listen to him
So if you have the time, won’t you listen awhile
You’ll surely make him smile
Down the hill on the road below
Lives an old man with a fiddle and a bow
Track Name: The White Eagle Rag
Track Name: I've Got The Blues
I’ve Got the Blues
Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2013

I’ve got the blues
I’ve got the blues
I’ve got the lowdown lonesome blues
I asked you for love but love you refused
Oh, I’ve got the blues

I’m doing fine
I’m doing fine
That’s all I say nearly all the time
I’ll tell you my problems oh never mind
I’m doing just fine

I’ve been feeling low baby oh can’t you see
Do you ever think of me?

I’ve got the blues
I’ve got the blues
I’ve got the lowdown lonesome blues
I asked you for love but love you refused
Oh, I’ve got the blues
Track Name: Gerry Avenue
Gerry Avenue
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2013

I’ve been out for a walk today
Basking in the springtime rays
Out on Gerry Avenue
Walking along thinking of you

A meadowlark sings his tune
A cheerful song for me and you
A day, a gift from up above
A perfect day for being in love

The patter of the people’s feet
I know the sound, I feel the beat
A familiar walk I know the way
The sun, the breeze a beautiful day
A day for us from up above
A day made for being in love
A love made for me and you
And a walk down Gerry avenue

So won’t you join me as I sing
No need for words just let it ring
Even if your not in love right now
Join in strong sing it loud

Walk with me as I go
And let the world know
This day was made for me and you
And love on Gerry Avenue
Track Name: I've been building Fences
I’ve been building fences
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP)

I’ve been building fences in my yard between the rains
Finding what I want to save and staking out my claim
And it made me think about you and all the bygone days
From when you said goodbye up until today

Cause I’ve been riding fences like a cowboy in the cold
Alone out in a field patching up the holes
Tightening the wires to keep it all contained
I’ve been building fences in the rain