Martin Gilmore and David Bailey - I Tried to Fly

from by Martin Gilmore

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We all extend beyond our reach sometimes. This is a song about someone who was given the ability to reach further than most of us and still over-stepped his bounds. It's human to try to push just a little bit further all the time, and we face our humanity when we fail...which inevitably we will.

I've known David Bailey since I moved to Colorado in 2007. He is a great guitarist, teacher, musician and all around great person. He plays a crazy 7 string guitar on this song, built by our mutual friend Greg German. It has three bass strings, and four guitar strings. It has fan frets, and I call it the 7-string monstrosity...but it can only be played by a monster musician. David Bailey plays with the fantastic Denver band Faceman. You should never miss one of their shows if they are anywhere near you.

Check them out at, and visit Dave Baileys site as well at

Recorded on a 1996 Martin D-18s Vintage Series and a Greg German 7-string guitar.



I tried to fly
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP) 2012

I have fallen, Drifted from my berth
Cast down fallen back to earth
Battered and broken, afire and smoking

Once I stood tall and strong
Rising high above the throng
I rode a great horse, I rode straight course

I tried to reach the highest ground
But the smallest things will bring you down
There aren’t any byways or easier highways
I’ve found

I was given a golden gift
To the heavens I did lift
Blessed by the makers, the givers the takers

Jealous men in tenser times
Took me in and told me lies
Hammered and warped me sought to distort me
And did


I was young then I must admit
Vain, keen and covetous
Women and wine, adventure and pride

Then in my living, my life I did face
And cast down from on high, I was put in my place

I have fallen, Drifted from my berth
Cast down fallen back to earth
Battered and broken, afire and smoking
And old


from Martin Gilmore and Friends, released November 1, 2012
Martin Gilmore: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
David Thomas Bailey: 7-string guitar



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Martin Gilmore Denver, Colorado

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