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Here's a story song about two brothers building something. There are lots of lessons to be learned as a creator, and this is a story about some of the missteps a person can take, and how those missteps still yield a great result.

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Recorded on a 1938 Martin 000-18

Prometheus and Epimetheus


Pete’s Machine
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd music, ASCAP) 2013

Pete and Ezra went walking one day Brothers sent out to create
A new and great machine like none other that had ever been seen
Pete was a canny engineer, Ezra was a thoughtless volunteer
They were sure that they could design, the greatest invention of all time

So they set about their chore, but each idea they’d built before
Pete couldn’t find his muse, and Ezra played with the nails and the screws
So with no good inspired ideas Pete said toe Ezra hey how ‘bout this
We’ll head up to old man Jove’s farm and see what’s in his barn

Throwing bits of stone and clay I’ve heard men are made that way
Some think ahead, some not at all / some make the plans, some are made to haul
Someday shackles you might find, if thieving is on your mind
But some will throw their lives away, to give us all a brighter day

So Pete and Ezra headed up the street, to the old man’s place chasing a mystery
Pete says “I heard he keeps a light / that will make the day seem like night
If that’s true we could use its beam, to bring some magic to our old machines
Show the world what we can do, so they’ll all remember me and you

So Ezra, quiet as could be, snuck through the barn door followed by Pete
And when they both got inside, they could scarce believe their eyes
It was a whole barn full gadgets and tools, gizmos and thingies tables and stools
And there it was sitting on a shelf, the old man’s light there by itself


Pete he knew that they’d be caught, so he ran and grabbed what they sought
And Ezra followed close on his tail, they ran back home down the trail
Picked up their dull machine and installed the light and the thing it beamed
They’d never seen one run so smooth, and the marveled at all that it could do

Pete and Ezra were so proud, their cheers and laughter were so loud
That they woke the old man on his farm, he ran out to his barn
He saw his shelf was dark and cold, and he heard Pete and Ezra laughing loud and bold
And he knew just where his light had gone; he said “they’ll pay for what they’ve done.”


So the old man walked down the hill, he knew Ezra was too weak of will
Yes, Pete he was the mastermind, the old man snuck up from behind
He says “Boys that is some fine machine, but I believe that some of it belongs to me
Return to me the bits you stole and we’ll discuss what you owe

But Pete was keen and he turned it on, and in a flash the thing was gone
Bounding over the country side, you could see it for miles and miles
And the old man said” Let me tell you son, you work for m from this point on
And I’ll determine the work and way you’ll spend your time till your debts been paid


The town folks saw Pete’s machine, a finer thing they never had seen
But they saw it was such a simple thing, save for the light and its sun bright beams
If they could get a piece they could make it grow, and build machines out of clay and stone
And that’s just what they did you see, that’s the story of Pete’s Machine


from Martin Gilmore and Friends, track released January 17, 2013
Martin Gilmore: Guitar and Vocals



all rights reserved


Martin Gilmore Denver, Colorado

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