The Marshall and Hubert Brown

from by Martin Gilmore

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The phrase "honor among thieves" didn't apply to gunfighters. The dime novels of the early 20th century skewed a lot of the truth about the old west to make it seem like there was some sort of structure among killers. Many of the men that found themselves pursued by the law were sociopaths and psychopaths, much like the people who commit such acts today.

The process of law was often not honorable either. Lawmen were often equally cold blooded as the killers and the public's opinion often trumped due process. In the case of Big Nosed George a posse broke into the jail where he was being held removed him and hung him in a completely unlawful execution. (He was a bad guy, but the system was not given a chance to work, which was often the case in the west.)

Here's a fictional story about the unsavory characters that might have been encountered. A psychopath who massacred a family in their home and a vigilante Marshall out to conduct "roadside adjudication".

Pleas feel free to download this song, play it and share it freely if you like, just make sure to mention me if you do.




The Marshall and Hubert Brown
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd music, ASCAP) - 2012

In a daze he looked up towards the sky
Found he was staring at a Schofield forty-five
“Marshall” Says the man with the gun
“I’m sorry to say your days on earth are done”

From Carson City back toward Cheyenne town
The Marshall had tracked a man named Hubert Brown
A Killer and a coward like the rest
The Marshall had vowed to bring him to his death
He said “I won’t be bringing no man back alive,
I’ll hold court out there on the trailside
And when I find him, guilty, he will be
I’ll leave him rotting in the sun hanging from a tree”

Back in Carson City Hubert Brown
Had never caused much trouble round the town
He was a big man, but folks thought he was kind
Seemed to have an eye for the Sheriffs wife
One night he knocked on her door
When the sheriff answered Brown threw him to the floor
And drew his Schofield forty-five
And one shot after another left no one in that house alive

In Rawlins the Marshall caught up with Brown
Put the word out all around the town
“Tell Hubert that the devil’s owed his due,
And I’ll collect before this night is through”
Then with a shotgun in a darkened alleyway
The Marshall, like a lion, he did wait
Said “There ain’t no need to look him in the eye
I have passed my judgment let the sentence fit the crime

Word came back to Hubert Brown
He heard the Marshall was in town
So around the back of the hotel he did hide
He saw the Marshall take his place outside
The Marshal hadn’t seen him in the night
Hubert lined him up in his sights
And with the shot the Marshall fell to the ground
And when he looked up the last thing he saw was the gun of Hubert Brown


from Martin Gilmore and Friends, track released November 8, 2012
Guitar and voice: Martin Gilmore
Recorded in Denver, CO November 8th, 2012
Written by: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd music, ASCAP) 2012



all rights reserved


Martin Gilmore Denver, Colorado

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