When You're Young

from by Martin Gilmore

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Young people will be young people no matter the era. My grandpa B.F. "Pepper" Curry and his buddy "Wimpy" jumped a train when they were 17 or so and left for three weeks one summer. They didn't tell anyone, they didn't have any money, it wasn't well thought out. But it was an adventure, and he told the story a lot.

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When You’re Young
By: Martin Gilmore (Timtomtodd Music, ASCAP, 2012)

Pep says to wimpy “Do you see that train
Do you wanna go ride the bum
There’s a boxcar open bout twelve cars back
And I’m tired of working this field in the sun
We will Tell my Uncle to take my car
My Mamma won’t miss me none
We’ll ride that train across the old Great Plains
Into the setting sun

Cause when you’re young you’re young
Time passes by
So when you can catch a train
You should hitch a ride
No Matter if it’s right or wrong
It’s a one way track
Cause when you’re old you’re old
With only looking back

Wimpy says to Pep “Hold on
This mountain’s a getting steep
I’ve never been so cold or felt so old
I’m hungry and I can’t get to sleep
I always thought I’d like to live a hobo’s life
and wander from town to town
But this clangin’ and a’ clinkin’
Has got me to thinkin’
I’m better off settling down

But when you’re young you’re young
Wishing you could be free
But this Hobo’s life,
Well it ain’t for me
And the farther you go
The longer the track
And if you’re gone too long
There’s no coming back

Well pep and wimpy met a rum dum bum
He said “there ain’t no beginning or end
A hobo don’t have no destination
It’s just the way that he chooses to live
So have you a cup of this mulligan son
And you better be on the fly.
That train’s a starting to rumble and this ol’ bum jungle
Ain’t no place to spend your life

When you’re young your young
And time passes by
Living as a hobo boys
Ain’t no kind of life
Wishing you could go back again
But it’s a one way track
When you’re old your old
And you can’t go back


from Martin Gilmore and Friends, track released November 22, 2012
1938 Martin 000-18 Guitar and Vocals: Martin Gilmore

Recorded in Denver, CO



all rights reserved


Martin Gilmore Denver, Colorado

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